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29 September 2017

Fabian Haupt

Samuel Breuer from Bonn presents everyday poetry in German, packaged in concise tunes and designed to make his audience thoughtful, emotional or highly amused. Amid the rap, which is full of singalong tunes, are concealed texts with deep meaning which take root and inspire his listeners to delight in the joy of living. During his music studies the singer and songwriter Fabian Haupt from Düsseldorf wrote his first German-language texts and produced his first album "Achterbahn" (2015) in his own living-room. He financed his new EP "Einfach Geradeaus" through crowdfunding and is now touring all parts of Germany with his music, striking a chord with the mindset and sound of the present age. The graphic imagery and joie de vivre in his stories create a joyous response in the minds of his listeners. Great mood music for heart and soul!

Friday | 29 September 19:00-22:00 | Forum