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28 September 2017


Juan Amador (49), discovered his passion for cooking at the age of 16. After several stations in different restaurants in Germany, he founded his first Michelin star in Lüdenscheid. A few years later the next star followed on Sylt. Juan has set an ambitious goal: "My food is not going to get people out of their heads."

Combining French haute cuisine with Catalan-Basque cuisine, Ferran Adria was known in 1997 for its skill in the field of molecular gastronomy. Juan's interest and fascination were aroused and he began with his own experiments - highly successful! He is anything but a chemist: Juan Amador is an avant-garde in the kitchen, but rather "craftsman, not an artist", he says. We give him the artisan.

"I have certainly been able to taste 500 stars in my life," says Juan Amador. With "Amador's Wirtshaus & Greißlerei" in Vienna, he has made the jump from 0 to 2 Michelin stars, in 2018 he would like to take the 3rd star to Vienna. Currently, Singapore has aroused its interest and from 2018 onwards he would like to get involved in Lisbon.

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