Data privacy

Personal data are all data stored in connection with your name. Your personal data will only be recorded if you provide them on a voluntary basis, for example for the Info-Service, the Job Letter, for ordering publications, for the IR Newsletter, the Job Exchange or for sending a request with the contact button, or if such personal data are provided by third parties at your instance, for example in the case of shareholders of METRO AG by their depository institutions. The data are stored in separate databases. Moreover, in the event that you visit our website, METRO AG might also record your accesses to these web pages for statistical or security purposes. As the case may be, the recorded data might include your IP address which is however deleted immediately, the device operating system that was used for access, the website from which you visited us, the websites you visit or the search terms used to find our website. The data is always anonymized prior to usage. METRO AG observes the legal provisions when handling this data.

Personal data of shareholders of METRO AG which METRO AG collects in connection with the preparation and the conduct of the general meeting of METRO AG is collected, stored, processed and used exclusively for this purpose. In order to fulfill the requirements of proof under German stock corporation law, METRO AG and third parties processing the data on behalf of METRO AG will keep such data for three years.

METRO AG strictly observes the following rules:

  • With our data privacy declaration and the information we provide on the Internet pages we keep you informed on the purpose for which the data you provide will be used.
  • We will protect your data against inadmissible access, against loss and modification with all the means at our disposal.
  • We use your data only within the METRO group of companies in order to be able to offer the information, products and services demanded by you.
  • We will promptly delete the personal data provided by you on receipt of the written instructions from you to do so.

The Internet offering of METRO AG employs cookies. Cookies are small files installed on your PC in order for us to be able to offer our services on a more individualized basis.

Please, refer to the operating instructions of your Internet browser as to how cookies are created, how you can delete them and how you can prevent them being placed on your PC.

For questions concerning the processing of your personal data please get in touch with us by email.

These data privacy provisions only apply to the Internet offering of METRO AG.