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Family Day at METRO unboxed
Robert Maas cooking at METRO unboxed
Wednesday Socials with Prof. Dr Andreas Pinkwart at METRO unboxed
Visitors of the Wednesday Socials at METRO unboxed
Juan Amador cooking at METRO unboxed
Visitors in front of the METRO unboxed pavillion


The exhibition was located on the "Dreieck Reuterkaserne" triangle in close proximity to the castle square.

At the end of the exhibition, the complete dismantling of the "METRO unboxed" pavilion, which is due to be completed by 12 October, has been started. METRO also attaches great importance to the restoration of the site. The Reuterkaserne receives the same planting as before the development. Furthermore, three additional trees will be planted.


"METRO unboxed" opened its doors on 13 September 2017 in the afternoon.

In the following three weeks, until 2 October 2017, visitors could immerse themselfs in the world of METRO.



On July 13, the new METRO was launched on the stock market - a good opportunity to celebrate with the hometown of Düsseldorf and to say thank you.

As a longtime partner of the düsseldorf festival! METRO was therefore looking forward to contribute with its own exhibition at the renowned cultural festival. In a fascinating temporary building visitors had the opportunity to "unbox" the internationality, innovative power and passion of the wholesale and food specialist in a sensory journey.

During those three weeks, the exhibition was home to various events, from showcookings and panel discussions to performances by singer songwriters and acrobatic performances.


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